EAS Congress

Event Type: Conference   

Start Date: 20170423   

End Date: 20170426   

Event Venue: Prague Congress Centre   

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Event City: Prague   

Event Country: Czech Republic   

Event Organisation: AIM Group International    

Organisation Website:


Specialisation: Vascular Disease, Atherosclerosis   

About this event: EAS brings together clinicians and basic scientists across a range of disciplines, all from top-flight opinion leaders to those just starting their careers.
The meeting will build bridges between today’s research and tomorrow’s therapies in the diagnosis and treatment of atherosclerosis and related vascular disease.
The programme is created to give many opportunities, both formal and informal, for the personal, face-to-face discussions that spark scientific creativity, stimulate collaboration and can lead to new friendships.

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Event type: Medical Conference
Start Date: 23rd April 2017
End Date: 26th April 2017
Venue: Prague Congress Centre
City: Prague

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